Fronk’s Burgers and Barbecue – Bellflower, CA

by Josh on September 28, 2010


What the hell is a Fronk?  A misspelling of Frank?  Professor Frink’s French cousin?  While the restaurant claims to be established “in a Galaxy far, far away,” defines fronk as “a friendly honk because regular honks are just inherently mean.”  Applying the law of parsimony, the least complex explanation is usually the right one, and Fronk simply turns out to be the owner’s surname.

The walls of the restaurant are covered with firefighter memorabilia, images of celebrities with Photoshopped text bubbles reading “Eat at Fronks,” and bottle after bottle of different hot sauces.  There was only one table occupied when I arrived but the dinner rush was on by the time I placed my order, which made for a very noisy experience.

With 14 burger varieties and 13 choices of sides, I made it easy on myself and went with Fronk’s signature burger, the Fronkenburger ($9.95 with one side dish), with a side of French fries.  The Fronkenburger is a half-pound Angus patty topped with Monterey Jack cheese, maple bacon, beer-battered onion rings, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, and a chipotle ranch sauce.  The server then asked the dreaded question: “how would you like that cooked?”  I never seem to have much luck in this arena but asked for medium-rare anyway.


The wait wasn’t long – or perhaps the eclectic selection of ‘70s and ‘80s tunes helped the time fly by – until the Fronkenburger was before me.  Standing tall with a cellophane-frilled toothpick holding it all together, the complete burger was sizeable although the patty itself appeared a bit smaller than advertised.  I had to cut the burger in half to be able to bite into it without everything jettisoning out the back.  The seasoning of the patty was passable but the onion rings were fantastic – both sweet and savory – and made the burger for me.  I recommend ordering the chipotle ranch sauce on the side, as it didn’t have much chipotle or ranch flavor.  The bun was above average in appearance and taste for a classic plain hamburger bun and held together fairly well before blowing out in the last few bites.  And no, the patty wasn’t cooked medium-rare although it did have a teensy amount of pinkishness in the middle.

The Fronkenburger fared well without far-reaching faults while the French fries were a full-fledged failure.  Some were mealy while others were nearly raw, but all were shiny with grease even after fifteen minutes.  With a dozen other side dishes available, the law of parsimony failed me and I shouldn’t have taken the least complex option.  Next time I’ll fronkin’ live a little.


3.5Fronk’s Burgers and Barbecue
9260 Alondra Boulevard
Bellflower, California 90706
(562) 804-2222
Hours: Daily 11:00AM – 9:00PM

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